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Creating website pages seems challenging, but it all comes down to the tools you use. With a tool like Elementor Pro you can finally start creating the websites you want, the way you always wanted. If you want to create website pages without having to worry about not knowing programming, this will help you.

Elementor Pro benefits

Elementor Pro is a dedicated drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress. What it does is it allows you to create original pages and posts the way you want. You’re not using a template anymore, and that differentiates you from other people. You also have a separate interface to work on your content, and you can see the changes you make in real time. That makes things a lot better and more convenient. 

Being able to work on the website frontend and make such changes is unheard of, but it speaks volumes when it comes to the value and quality of this tool. In addition, it works with any WordPress theme. That means you can maintain the current design and still use some of the Elementor features too. Even if you’re not an expert in programming, you won’t have to worry, as Elementor Pro has all the solutions you need to create custom pages and content at your own pace.

You have the first page building functions. At the same time, you get 90+ content elements and modules that can be added on the fly. Every element can be worked on, and they also have a library of templates that are already good to use. With the Pro Version you can actually use the Theme Builder that lets you modify the core elements of any theme if you want.

Using Elementor Pro to create a new page

  • The way this works is very simple. Install and activate Elementor Pro, and from there you will have a menu for it.
  • You can enter the WordPress page you want to work on, then press Edit With Elementor. As you do that, you will have the Elementor Pro tools on the left and the page you’re working on in the right side. 
  • Now you just have to drag and drop basic or advanced features from the interface directly on to the website. And once you add them, you can also customize them. 
  • Elementor Pro also allows you to modify the style as you want, you can have transitions between sections, you can customize the hover-on effects and many other similar tools.

All in all, Elementor Pro is a very powerful tool that helps you create a website the way you want. Since there are so many theme-based websites, you want a custom tool to help you stand out. Elementor Pro certainly does that and it’s incredibly powerful!

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