Secure Your Analytics Data Before It’s Gone

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analytics sunset

You might’ve seen Google’s announcement yesterday morning. Come July 1, 2024, all Universal Analytics data will vanish. It’s not just numbers we’re losing; it’s your journey, your growth, and your hard-earned insights.

Why It Matters to You

Your website’s history is invaluable. It’s a map of where you’ve been and a guide for where you’re going. Preserving it means holding on to your digital legacy and leveraging past insights for smarter decisions ahead.

How We Are Helping

Caboodle’s Universal Analytics Data Export & Report is your safeguard. It’s not just a backup; it’s a comprehensive reflection of your digital journey, ensuring you lose nothing in the transition. For just $285, you’ll receive a comprehensive package.

What You Get:

  1. Visual PDF Report: A 10 to 30-page narrative, transforming your data into a visual story of your site’s achievements.
    1. Sample PDF report
  2. Comprehensive Excel Sheets: Around 20 detailed spreadsheets, covering every critical metric and dimension with monthly granularity.
    1. Sample Excel sheets available here

How to Get It

You can click here to purchase this service or just email [email protected] that you need your data exported and in reports.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Google will delete all Universal Analytics data on July 1. With our deadline to archive the data of June 14 fast approaching, there’s no time to lose. Let us help you save your site’s history, so you can continue to learn from the past and build a more successful future.


Universal Analytics Data Export and Report

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