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Founded in 2005 as Husive and rebranded to better reflect our evolving digital focus and friendly company culture, Caboodle specializes in digital advertising and web services for a diverse clientele, ranging from small to medium-sized businesses. We excel in serving B2C clients and stand out in the B2B sector with our proprietary audiences and result-driven strategies, making us a go-to agency for businesses seeking impactful B2B marketing solutions. Our team, rich in experience across various industries, brings ready-to-implement solutions proven effective across our broad client base.

At Caboodle, our approach to digital advertising sets us apart: we offer each client a comprehensive, tailored report for every campaign, ensuring transparent monthly reviews of key performance metrics, from impressions and clicks to the crucial data on conversions and ROI. This commitment to transparency and tailored strategy underpins the strong, enduring relationships we build with our clients, reflected in our impressive average client partnership span of seven years. Our success is rooted in a hands-on approach and a deep, personal investment in each client’s unique goals and challenges.

February, 2024

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Client Success Manager

Meet Ashlyn Quesinberry Chaffin

Meet Ashlyn Quesinberry Chaffin, our esteemed Client Success Manager at Caboodle Media. With a rich background in digital marketing and account management, Ashlyn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Her expertise spans across Google Ads, Google Analytics, and a variety of Paid Media platforms, making her a vital asset in navigating the complex digital landscape.

Ashlyn’s journey began with a solid foundation in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication from Harding University, where she honed her skills in sales, analytics, strategy, content creation, event planning, and customer care. Her ability to communicate effectively and her prowess in public speaking have significantly contributed to her success in fostering client relationships and ensuring their success.

Since joining Caboodle Media in May 2023, Ashlyn has led the charge in developing new digital experiences aimed at enhancing conversion rates and overall digital engagement. Her role involves meticulous A/B testing of campaigns, crafting detailed marketing roadmaps for clients, and ensuring seamless collaboration across departments to execute digital marketing campaigns with precision. Ashlyn’s responsibilities extend to overseeing creative design initiatives, ad copy for branding, and making critical budget decisions to maximize client success across platforms such as ConnectedTV, Facebook, Google Ads, and TradeDesk.

Before her tenure at Caboodle Media, Ashlyn showcased her versatility and operational acumen in roles ranging from Retail Associate at Tulips to key positions at FLEX360, where she excelled in social media advertising, marketing, and account management. Her experience at Somers Avenue Church of Christ and Copper Peacock Boutique further exemplified her ability to manage social media campaigns, strategize during pivotal moments, and engage with communities effectively.

Ashlyn’s journey is marked by her commitment to delivering excellence in client success and her innovative approach to digital marketing. At Caboodle Media, she continues to leverage her vast skill set to drive meaningful results for our clients, embodying the spirit of innovation and client dedication that defines Caboodle.

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