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Founded in 2005 as Husive and rebranded to better reflect our evolving digital focus and friendly company culture, Caboodle specializes in digital advertising and web services for a diverse clientele, ranging from small to medium-sized businesses. We excel in serving B2C clients and stand out in the B2B sector with our proprietary audiences and result-driven strategies, making us a go-to agency for businesses seeking impactful B2B marketing solutions. Our team, rich in experience across various industries, brings ready-to-implement solutions proven effective across our broad client base.

At Caboodle, our approach to digital advertising sets us apart: we offer each client a comprehensive, tailored report for every campaign, ensuring transparent monthly reviews of key performance metrics, from impressions and clicks to the crucial data on conversions and ROI. This commitment to transparency and tailored strategy underpins the strong, enduring relationships we build with our clients, reflected in our impressive average client partnership span of seven years. Our success is rooted in a hands-on approach and a deep, personal investment in each client’s unique goals and challenges.

June, 2024

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Client Success Manager

Meet Georgia Gazzette

Discover the wealth of experience and proven track record of Georgia Gazette, a skilled marketing professional who excels in SEO, SEM, brand awareness, and more.

Georgia Gazette is a seasoned marketing expert and a dynamic Client Success Manager at Caboodle Media. Based in Little Rock, Georgia brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in digital marketing, underpinned by her exceptional skills in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Brand Awareness, Digital Media, Google Analytics, SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

Georgia’s journey in the marketing realm has been marked by significant achievements and growth. As a Senior Account Manager at Caboodle Media since May 2022, she has played a pivotal role in managing and executing marketing initiatives that align perfectly with clients’ business objectives. Her solution-focused approach, coupled with an obsession for details, has enabled her to understand and leverage digital marketing strategies to their fullest potential.

In her previous role as a Senior Digital Account Manager at Arkansas Business Publishing Group, Georgia demonstrated her prowess by being named the top salesperson of the year in 2021, generating over 1.2 million dollars in digital marketing sales. This milestone is a testament to her resilient strategies, deep market understanding, and ability to create tangible ROI for her clients.

Georgia’s diverse background also includes her tenure as a Travel Writer for Greenheart Travel, where she shared her enriching experiences while living abroad in Asia. Her time as an ESL Teacher in Thailand, where she developed educational plans for students, reflects her adaptability and commitment to fostering growth and development in varied settings.

At the University of Arkansas, Georgia honed her organizational and leadership skills as an Administrative Program Coordinator at the Office for Sustainability, where she was instrumental in executing sustainability-driven projects and initiatives. Her role as an Outdoor Instructor and Shop Manager at UREC Outdoors further showcased her leadership capabilities and her talent for managing dynamic environments.

In her current role at Caboodle, Georgia applies her extensive marketing knowledge and experience to drive client success, ensuring each campaign and strategy not only meets but exceeds expectations. Her ability to navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape with agility and insight makes her an invaluable asset to both the Caboodle team and its clients.


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