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10 Metrics to Understand Your Campaign’s ROI

Digital marketing campaigns should be treated as investments. But with so many variables and places to attribute marketing results, it isn’t as easy as you might think. The best way to visualize your digital investment is by treating is like an investment. You pay close

The bright side of COVID and the rare opportunities

“Hey buddy, we’re not doing good. I’ve had to let 7 employees go and if we can’t reopen in the next 30 days, we’ll never re-open” my client said in a somber tone. In that moment, something changed. The affects of COVID for us (up

How Small Business Advertisers are Coping with COVID-19

Businesses around the globe have taken a serious hit due to the unprecedented economic slowdown. It’s times like these when business owners come up with ground-breaking ideas to promote their brand, products and services. We’ve been inspired by the ways that companies have adapted to

Rated F from the BBB – Yellow Pages

TLDR: The F rating and reviews on the BBB website say it clearly – they’re ripping you off! Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, commonly referred to as FUD, is a dubious disinformation strategy used to influence the perception of victims for selfish reasons.  FUD is widely

Is WP Engine Right for Your Website?

TLDR: Get 3 months free of WP Engine with this coupon code If you want fast loading times for your website, great security and assistance, managed WordPress solutions are by far the most reliable. That being said, there are challenges that can arise, yet on

Elementor Pro for Your Company’s Website

Creating website pages seems challenging, but it all comes down to the tools you use. With a tool like Elementor Pro you can finally start creating the websites you want, the way you always wanted. If you want to create website pages without having to

The Benefits of using G Suite for Business

TLDR: Get 20% Discount when Signing up for G Suite Google G Suite is an extraordinary solution if you want to perform any kind of business online. With its help you can set up your email, share documents, even store documents and manage your calendar.