How Small Business Advertisers are Coping with COVID-19

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Businesses around the globe have taken a serious hit due to the unprecedented economic slowdown.

It’s times like these when business owners come up with ground-breaking ideas to promote their brand, products and services. We’ve been inspired by the ways that companies have adapted to meet the needs of their customer and to continue generating revenue to sustain employment for their employees.

Online advertisers have become more and more innovative to overcome the challenge of reaching their target consumer.

So, what are small business advertisers doing to cope with the effects of COVID-19? In this post, we are going to discuss exactly that by sharing four things small businesses are zeroing on at the moment.

Here are 4 ways small businesses are advertising during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Connecting with Customers – Virtually

Small business advertisers had to change their marketing strategies to ensure the message being sent across complies with the COVID-19 safety guidelines. Marketing is communication. A lot of attention is being given to the copy and imagery around the advertisements to not mislead their audiences and adjust to the new goals. For example. a private school had to change its advertising away from private tours of the facility to virtual tours to avoid groups and public spaces. Restaurants have had to change all of their advertising to carryout only and have higher interaction with their customers virtually through social media and elsewhere.

2. Quickly Moving Businesses Online

Small businesses are not backing off from making businesses go online. People are afraid to contract the virus. As a result, they are forced to stay inside and only come out when it’s absolutely necessary. We have seen many small businesses utilize this time as the best time to make the online transition happen. Moving businesses online also opens up a myriad of online marketing opportunities for advertisers.

3. Boosting Organic Traffic with SEO

It’s the right time to double down on Search Engine Optimization for your business. If it hasn’t already been done, it’s the perfect to to  go ‘all guns blazing” with SEO be found by the increase in online activity.

4. Increasing Digital Ad Spend and Expanding Campaigns

This one is a double edged sword.

Some small businesses have had to start advertising in order to avoid closing. Such as one of our restaurant customers that didn’t offer takeout previously. No one knew that they offered take out. So, when we started a campaign for them, it was an attempt to keep the doors open rather than striking at an increase in online activity.

The other side of the picture goes along with the saying “strike while the iron’s hot.” With an increase in people’s online activity, advertisers have taken this opportunity to find customers where they are. They have pulled money away from print and physical advertising and placed it in digital. We love this transition because we truly believe that most of the time, digital efforts provide a better return on investment when done properly.

Final Thoughts

While the whole COVID-19 situation is making people stir crazy, small business are having to focus on making things work during such challenging circumstances. Their ingenuity is definitely going to make things better for themselves in as we move forward in these new times but also for other businesses in the same struggle to survive.

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