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The TikTok Tug-of-War: The Fight Over America’s Favorite App

Recently, the House voted in a surprisingly bipartisan manner to potentially ban TikTok unless it cuts ties with its Chinese parent company, ByteDance. We at Caboodle Media have been keeping a keen eye on the developments. Why, you ask? Well, if TikTok's on the auction block, we might just be interested in making a bid. 😉

The 2024 marketing landscape

Discover the transformative changes happening in the marketing world as AI and machine learning revolutionize customer engagement and advertising strategies, leading to personalized and efficient campaigns.

B2B marketing for high-value conversions

Discover why many businesses overlook conversion value, learn how to determine CLV, and avoid common pitfalls when measuring conversions. Read now!

Ai in digital marketing: embrace or fall behind

Discover how AI revolutionizes digital marketing with enhanced customer personalization, improved customer insights, and streamlined advertising campaigns for businesses to stay competitive.

Why your business might be its own worst enemy

Learn how to avoid phone etiquette woes, slow responses, onboarding issues, knowledge gaps, tech glitches, and mismatched branding that can hinder the success of your business. Don't let operational inefficiencies cost you customers and money.