The Benefits of using G Suite for Business

G Suite for Business

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Google G Suite is an extraordinary solution if you want to perform any kind of business online. With its help you can set up your email, share documents, even store documents and manage your calendar. If you’re an entrepreneur, you always want to set up your business in a clever manner and with Google G Suite you can do that.

Google G Suite features

What makes Google G Suite unique is the fact that you can use the Gmail benefits at a business level. You have that interface as well as integration with Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Docs, contacts and many others. If you go for a paid Google G Suite account, you will have access to your email and you get malware filters, anti-spam and many other great features like that.

On top of that, G Suite makes it easy for you to create a branded email address. You don’t have the Gmail addresses anymore, instead you can create a dedicated email account for your business. They also offer 30 Gb of storage, there’s no advertising and you get non stop support. It makes a lot of sense to use this if you’re a business professional, and the results themselves can be among some of the best every time if you do it adequately.

How can you set up your business email with Google G Suite?

  • You will have to create a G Suite account, it costs you $5 per month for every user.
  • Now you have to add the business name, the number of employees you want and the country. You will also have to add the personal contact information.
  • Once that is done you have to select the domain name.
  • Upon selecting the domain name you will be asked to create the Google G Suite user account. This will be your email address , so you must choose a username that you want to use as your professional email. Most of the time it’s your full name.
  • At the setup screen you can add more people to the account and you can create emails for them too.

With Google G Suite, you will find it a lot easier to establish a professional presence online. It’s a very impressive, professional tool that you can use in order to show your business affiliation. Thankfully, the entire setup process is seamless, and you can always add new people to your account as well.

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