Paid Search Engine Marketing

Today, search happens everywhere. We understand the importance of being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Search is the most direct and transaction-oriented advertising channel.

We analyzes search signals, keyword intent, and data to understand where, when and how consumers are searching across the Google and Microsoft ecosystems.

A Trusted Paid Search Partner

As a Google and Microsoft advertising partner, our expertise spans a diverse portfolio of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the machine learning technology behind search engines.

SEM Optimizations

Target CPA Bidding

A new(ish) feature in SEM, tCPA uses a running average cost per conversion to optimize bidding for results. We understand the machine learning implications during the learning period and optimizations.

Dynamic Search Ads

DSA campaigns do not use keywords and instead rely on a data field or web crawler to populate the headline and landing page. This type of algorithm-driven bidding is complex. Done right it can be one of the biggest drivers of conversions and optimization.


Audience targeting has become an effective strategy in SEM. To get the best performance, target audiences need to be grouped with other tools to get the best outcomes.

SEM Marketing Types


Intent driven advertising based on keywords to drive conversions and revenue


Intent-driven advertising for retailers and e- commerce brands to drive sales & revenue

Display Native

Visually driven ads based on contextual/affinity targeting to drive awareness and reach