Google Ads Audit

Complete Google Ads audit with an extensive report to show areas of strength and areas of improvement with the goal of making the campaign perform better and bring a greater return on your investment. After you have a chance to review the audit, we schedule a call or zoom with an Ads Certified professional to answer any questions that you have in ways to improve the campaign’s performance.

$79 Google Ads Audit

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Do Your Google Ads Bring a Good Return on Investment?

You probably don’t know. If you’re doing it yourself, we can almost guarantee that there is improvement to be made. While Google Ads is user friendly and they make it simple to setup, to make it provide a good return on investment, regular adjustments and optimizations are necessary.

Do You Know the Cost Per Acquisition?

We will provide what it’s costing you to get someone in the door or to buy. We complete a full review of your Google Ads campaigns and provide a report of our findings so that you can know how your dollars are being spent.

Full Audit and Report of:

  • Google Search Campaign
  • Google Display Campaign
  • Google Retargeting Campaign
  • Personal Guidance
High Value Conversions

If you have any questions about the report, we provide personalized guidance after you have had a chance to review the audit via phone, zoom, or in person if you’re located near one of our offices in Tulsa, OK or Little Rock, AR.

This product is limited to campaigns up to $3,000/mo. If your campaign is higher than $3,000, contact us for custom price based on the scale of the campaign.