Facebook Ads Audit

Review and report of your Facebook Ads account setup, audience targeting, ad performance, and tracking and conversion setup.


Facebook Ads

The Review Process

Gather Information

The first step to the review is gathering information. We will speak with you or have you fill out information about your company if that’s more convenient for you. We need to know what your goals are and what is valuable to you. Also, we need to make sure that we know who you’re trying to target.

Perform Review

After we gather information, we get access to your Facebook Ads account and/or Facebook Page (depending on your type of ads). We check the metrics and performance in comparison to other companies in your industry. This includes the audience targeting, how saturated or unsaturated your ads are, website traffic from ads, ad fatigue, frequency, and other metrics that pertain to your specific audience and ads.

Your Report

Your report will contain only the important information. Reports can get out of control or loose track of the goal. Our reports are all custom made for each review based on the findings. You’ll be able to answer questions like, “Do I need to update my ads,” “Is there a simple thing I can do to make them perform better,” “How much revenue are they bringing me,” What is it costing to get a customer?”

Full Audit and Report of:

  • Facebook Ads from Ads Manager
  • Facebook Ads from Facebook Page
  • Facebook Boosted Posts

Categories of Review:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Ad Performance
  • Account Setup
  • Tracking and Conversion Setup

This product is limited to campaigns up to $2,000/mo. If your campaign is higher than $2,000, contact us for custom price based on the scale of the campaign.