Finding where to start is intimidating

Know where to start on your kit

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Your Strong Points

We provide tools for self assessment but we also asses your strengths for you. You get to see your kit before you get the Caboodle so you know exactly what you need.

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Don't waste your money

You could choose 100s of things to focus on, but knowing which ones to do yourself and which to hire someone else to do is valuable.

By providing you with a full review of your kit, you will be able to choose what to do yourself based on your strengths and what to hire someone else to do based on your weaknesses.

Leverage our Skills

We love to give advice that helps

If you’re like most business owners, you got to where you are with hard work and you like to do things yourself.

You SHOULD be doing some of the items, but some items in a kit are more difficult than others. And, some items are not as valuable to your company than others.

Rated By Difficulty

We’ll rate the difficulty in fixing, managing, or optimizing each item in your kit based on the current condition of the item.

For example, while verifying Google Analytics on your domain may be moderately difficult, it is of high importance. However, cross-domain tracking of your Analytics may be very difficult but of low importance to your company’s ability to generate revenue..

Organized By Value​

It’s not hard to do a Google search to see all the things your business needs to be doing for your kit to bring revenue to your company.

The problem is, there are 100s of things you could be doing.

We’ll show you what items should be in your kit and organize them for your specific business fully taking into account your company’s industry or niche.