Common questions when considering Caboodle

Who do you typically work for?

Marketing directors, CEOs, businesses owners, and publishers looking to improve the performance of their digital advertising.

What’s special about Caboodle?

We have an open and transparent approach to digital advertising. We know that people have had bad experiences. So, to fight that, we maintain a close relationship with all of our clients in order to keep our hand on the heartbeat of your company and to make you know that we truly care about the performance of your campaigns. We provide through reports for every campaign that we manage which breaks down where your customers are coming from, what their behavior is, how effective each part of the campaign is, the cost and the cost per acquisition.

What kind of communication will I get?

Our goal is to get as much information as we need but at the same time not to bother you. We combine our requests into as few touch points as possible. Before a campaign launches, we may have communication every other day up to once per week. During campaigns running, we typically begin by communicating by phone or zoom on a bi-monthly basis. This allows you to know how the campaign is performing in between the monthly reports and lets us know what you’re experiencing.

Campaigns & Add-ons
Where will my ads be served?

We serve ads on premium ad networks like Google Display Network, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads), Rubicon, YouTube, MoPub, Perfect Audience, OpenX, DoubleClick, Yahoo, AppNexus, AOL, and more. It really depends on the type of campaign we are running for you.

What kinds of ads do you run?

Caboodle supports multiple ad formats, including video, mobile, display, and native. You can run ads on any device.

What kinds of campaigns do you run?

We have a rough process that guides most of our campaigns but no two companies are alike. Typically, the kind of campaign targeting depends on the budget. For campaigns under $3,000, we usually start with paid search (on Google or Microsoft depending on the target audience), and then move to social or programmatic display. Retargeting on social or display is almost always a good idea depending on the close cycle length. Once campaigns grow, the complexity grows. For more complex campaigns, we integrate Device ID targeting, IP targeting, micro-proximity, and a host of other technologies.

What website data does Caboodle track?

We are Google Analytics gurus. We’re also Google Analytics certified. We monitor your audience, their behavior and how they got to your site closely. Setting up conversion metrics and using them to measure the performance of various campaigns allows us to provide return on investment information on a per targeting tactic basis.

What targeting options are available?

We can target people using first and third-party data, based on where they are or where they’ve been, or based on the content they’re viewing online. The different platforms that we utilize have different methods of targeting and we’re familiar with them. So much that we can quickly strategize on how to find your target audience.

How does pricing work?

Our typical campaign is between $2,500 and $4,000 per month. That is an average budget for a local business. Corporations such as banks, dealerships, or restaurant have larger budgets of over $8,500 per month. These campaigns are directly tied to the return on investment and they can easily see how their revenue is tied to the digital advertising. We do not manage campaigns of less than $1,000/mo.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We typically ask clients to commit to at least 3 months to begin a campaign and then they are month to month afterwards.

How does payment work?

We have monthly billing for website management and digital advertising. Our monthly bills are generated and due before the campaign begin. Our website management billing is on a monthly basis too. We accept most forms of payment. You can setup and manage your billing methods in our payment system. You can setup ACH transaction or credit card transactions.

How will my account be charged?

Campaigns begin funding on their start date, but the amount charged depends on the campaign budget.

Budget Amount

$1K or less The full budget on the campaign’s start date.
Between $1K and $5K Fifty percent of the budget on the campaign’s start date and the remaining balance when the campaign reaches 10 percent of the total budget.
Between $5K and $10K Twenty-five percent of the budget on the campaign’s start date and another 25 percent when the campaign reaches 10 percent of the total budget.
$10K or more We run credit authorization checks for campaigns of this size to ensure at least 25 percent of the total campaign budget is available.