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caboodle a google partner

Caboodle Media and Google Partner Up

Caboodle is excited to announce that it has become a certified partner of Google. While Caboodle has long been eligible to be a Google Partner, the steps to claim that partnership were taken to make it public. As a leading provider of digital advertising services, Caboodle is continually seeking ways to improve its resources, expand its capabilities, and provide better service for its clients. This partnership with Google will enable us to gain access to exclusive promotional offers and partnering support teams that can help us take an integrated approach to the backend of Google Ads.

The Benefits of Partnership

Google is the most popular search engine in the world (obviously) and partnering with them provides numerous benefits for us and our clients. By becoming a partner with Google, our team will have access to additional support which can help us better optimize campaigns for our clients. In addition, as a certified Google Partner, we will get dedicated support from Google and also receive exclusive promotional offers that we can pass on to our clients.

By taking an integrated approach to managing campaigns, we can ensure that all aspects of each campaign are optimized and running smoothly. This includes everything from making sure each ad copy is well written, tracking performance metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions and return on ad spend, ensuring proper targeting settings are enabled for each ad group or campaign, optimizing bids based on ROI goals, setting up remarketing campaigns and much more.

Putting Our Clients First

At Caboodle Media we pride ourselves on putting our clients’ interests first when it comes to their online marketing efforts. We understand that seeing the results from advertising campaigns is crucial in order to realize a good return on investment. That’s why partnering up with Google was an obvious choice for us; by having direct access to additional support teams at Google, we can make sure that all aspects of each client’s campaign are taken care of so they have peace of mind knowing their ads are being managed properly.

View our partnership status:

We are thrilled about this new partnership with Google as it allows us to offer even better service to our current clients while expanding our reach into new technologies as well. With the help of this partnership, we look forward to continuing to provide top notch digital advertising services while helping businesses reach their goals in terms of increased brand awareness, website traffic growth, lead generation and at the end of the day, increased revenue through effective online marketing campaigns!

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