Support for businesses affected by COVID-19

For a temporary time and because of the financial uncertainty of many businesses, we’re offering no-contract digital advertising services.

We're in this together.

We have felt your suffering and sympathize with this unprecedented struggle

Who is eligible for this offer?

We’re extending this offer to all new and current clients. No matter how COVID-19 has affected your business, we recognize that you don’t need to explain it to us. It has affected us all – whether great or small.

How was Caboodle affected?

Fortunately, the financial affect of COVID-19 for us has been minimal. During the decline in revenue across almost every industry, our clients have seen first hand how important advertising is during difficult times – possibly the most important thing during decline in business.

Can I cancel at any time?

We ask for a 30 day notice to cancel any digital advertising campaign. This allows us time to level out the billing to make sure that the spend and our fees are accurate by the end of the delivery.

What is your normal term?

Our digital advertising agreements typical begin with a 3 month commitment in order to have time to feel the affects of the whole funnel of the marketing. Read our FAQs