Paid Social Marketing

Turning data into actionable social strategy.

Our team understands what a paid social strategy requires – transparency and a team of experts who are agile and flexible.

What We Offer

Extensive Social Platform Experience

Social platforms are not commoditized; each has a specialized offering that requires a depth of knowledge and experience. That’s why we have Campaign Management and Strategy experts dedicated just to Social. They are Social hands-on-keyboard experts, who also provide clients with smart and actionable POVs on topical Social subjects.

Approved Facebook Agency Partner

Our agency is a Facebook agency partner, giving us access to advanced support services, exclusive training on FB best-practices, and insight into strategic campaign management approaches being leveraged in the industry.

Nimbleness in How We Work

Even the most developed Social platforms have their shortfalls; repeatable processes and creative testing can be very manual. So, we’ve partnered with ad automation partners, so our Social Campaign Managers can focus their efforts on strategic campaign management and optimization.